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Examples of 2017 Testimonials:


  • My son was lacking quite a bit in his foot skills, but thanks to your camp, he is now keeping up with most of the boys on his team! You guys ignited a passion in him to practice more & strive to do his best every day. We really can't thank you enough for all that you guys have done!


  • I wanted my son to experience a different type of soccer camp, have fun and see the great competition. At your Senior ID Camp, he had a lot of fun and really enjoyed this camp. His coach provided him with great feedback, which my son posted on his shelf and set goals for himself on the things he wanted to improve about his game.


  • When we left on the last day one of the first things my son said was “I want to come back next year”.


  • My son had a great time at camp!  He's looking forward to doing it again next year.


  • My son loved his DC soccer camp, of course, again this year!! I think this makes 6 years in a row.


  • I love your attitude with the kids and I really appreciate your messages to them about healthy eating and sleeping.


  • Thank you for such a great Junior Advanced camp. My son absolutely loves your camps and is looking forward to the next one at the end of July. Year after year, you are always at the top of our list!


  • I've grown up attending your camps since the 5th grade and watching Davidson's games even before then. The coaching staff has been excellent year in and year out.


  • I find their coaching tips extremely helpful and implemented them in my club and school seasons last year.


  • I had an awesome time at Davidson's summer ID camp! I had a great time playing in all the games and sessions. I really loved the campus, it is very beautiful and felt warm and welcoming.


  • My son said he had a really great time and said he definitely wants to come back next summer for the overnight camp and any other camps you do going forward.


  • Thank you for what was a fantastic experience, he had an amazing time.


  • He came back raving about his experience and what he learned. He really appreciated the other players he met. You can be sure he will be there again next year.



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The Davidson Soccer Camp is a privately run sports camp, and is not operated by or through Davidson College.  The Camp is not sponsored, controlled, or supervised by Davidson College, but rather is under the sole sponsorship and supervision of the Camp Director Matt Spear.



2018 Camp Dates

March 25: Boys ID Camp 

June 9: Boys ID Camp 

June 11 - 15: Boys Half Day & Full Day Camp

June 25 - 28: Boys Junior Advanced Camp

July 20 - 22: Boys Senior ID Camp


2018 Discounts:


  • $10 off for each sibling. A $20 discounts to be applied to second siblings that registers.
  • $15 off for each camper that registers as a group/team of eight or more to Half Day or Full Day Camp.
  • $25 off for each camper that registers as a group/team of eight or more to Junior Advanced or Senior ID Camp
  • $20 cheaper if you register early before March 1 for Half/Full Day Camp.
  • $30 cheaper if you register early before March 1 for the Junior Advanced or Senior ID Camps.




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