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Examples of 2018 Testimonials:

  • It is abundantly clear that you and your staff approach your roles as coach-educators with the same combination of hard work and intentionality that you are striving to encourage in the boys themselves — and your collective commitment to excellence is the best possible model for them as players and as young men.  Thanks again to you and your colleagues for creating an environment where friendship, hard work, integrity, and love of soccer rule the day — and for inspiring your campers to apply all that they have learned from you all year long, on and off the pitch
  • What you said off the field really struck a chord with me, especially about being “soccer tough” and “match fit.”  Your camp has definitely motivated me. I will follow my favorite piece of advice you gave, and continue trying to be the best at getting better.
  • My son loved it, of course, again this year!! This makes 6 years in a row.
  • I love your attitude with the kids and I really appreciate your messages to them about healthy eating and sleeping.
  • Year after year, you are always at the top of our list!
  • When we left on the last day one of the first things my son said was “I want to come back next year”.
  • This is the ONLY camp my son wanted to do this summer.
  • The camp was a great first experience for an overnight camp. Our son loved it and wants to return next summer.
  • Of the camps that I have attended, this one was by far, the best.  I learned a lot and enjoyed being with the Davidson team members, coaches and other campers.




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The Davidson Soccer Camp is a privately run sports camp, and is not operated by or through Davidson College.  The Camp is not sponsored, controlled, or supervised by Davidson College, but rather is under the sole sponsorship and supervision of the Camp Director Matt Spear.



2018 Camp Dates

March 25: Boys ID Camp 

June 9: Boys ID Camp 

June 11 - 15: Boys Half Day & Full Day Camp

June 25 - 28: Boys Junior Advanced Camp

July 20 - 22: Boys Senior ID Camp

December 16: Boys ID Camp




2018 Discounts:


  • $10 off for each sibling. A $20 discounts to be applied to second siblings that registers.
  • $15 off for each camper that registers as a group/team of eight or more to Half Day or Full Day Camp.
  • $25 off for each camper that registers as a group/team of eight or more to Junior Advanced or Senior ID Camp
  • $20 cheaper if you register early before March 1 for Half/Full Day Camp.
  • $30 cheaper if you register early before March 1 for the Junior Advanced or Senior ID Camps.




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