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We believe that soccer – the world’s most popular sport and most global phenomenon – is an amazing vehicle for wellness, growth and fun. So along with teaching and harnessing the sport’s athleticism, technical skills and tactical components we emphasize a holistic approach. We discuss and underline the qualities of well-being such as nutrition, hydration, sleep, determination, communication, and resilience. It’s our goal that each camper will increase as a Striver with self-awareness, collaboration with others, and the pursuit excellence – and beyond just soccer.


The Davidson Soccer Training Camps carefully bring together an excellent, experienced and passionate staff that loves working with young players. The counselors have extensive soccer backgrounds, with a focus on coaches that are currently playing or have previously played at the college or professional level. The staff is a collection of excellent players still in their competing prime who can passionately demonstrate the skills and physical components, combined with experienced coaches, the core of which is the NCAA Division I Davidson College staff coaches.


2018 Camp Sessions:

March 25 and June 9 Boys ID Camps (entering grades 9-12)

June 11-15 Boys Half Day and Full Day (ages 8-12)

June 25-28 Boys Junior Advanced Camp (entering grades 4-9)

July 20-22 Boys Senior ID (entering grades 9-12)

December 16 Boys ID Camp (grades 9-11)


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2018 Camp Dates

March 25: Boys ID Camp 

June 9: Boys ID Camp 

June 11 - 15: Boys Half Day & Full Day Camp

June 25 - 28: Boys Junior Advanced Camp

July 20 - 22: Boys Senior ID Camp

December 16: Boys ID Camp




2018 Discounts:


  • $10 off for each sibling. A $20 discounts to be applied to second siblings that registers.
  • $15 off for each camper that registers as a group/team of eight or more to Half Day or Full Day Camp.
  • $25 off for each camper that registers as a group/team of eight or more to Junior Advanced or Senior ID Camp
  • $20 cheaper if you register early before March 1 for Half/Full Day Camp.
  • $30 cheaper if you register early before March 1 for the Junior Advanced or Senior ID Camps.




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