Past Feedback

  • Certainly one of the nicest fields I've ever played on for sure. And what a campus: really an awesome place!
  • I enjoyed the training and was amazed at the facilities. The Q&A session was very helpful especially hearing from the players themselves and their Davidson experience.
  • I really enjoyed both the competition and being able to meet guys from all over the country who I otherwise would never get to play against.
  • I found it very informative on the college recruiting process, and learned a lot.
  • What you said off the field really struck a chord with me, especially about being “soccer tough” and “match fit.”  Your camp has definitely motivated me. I will follow my favorite piece of advice you gave, and continue trying to be the best at getting better.
  • I appreciated the Q&A session and your comments on the mental and physical attributes it takes to be a college student-athlete.
  • The information session was really informative and provided me good perspectives on college soccer and recruiting process.
  • I enjoyed the camp. The play was at a high level and the drills were  engaging and productive. Additionally, I can say without a doubt that the presentation was the best one I’ve seen yet. It was informative, insightful and well organized. I liked the focus on complete development as a person, player, and student, as that is something I constantly strive for.
  • I learned a lot about the mental aspect of the game. I never thought about how important it is. 
  • I found your talks very informative. It feels like your team is more like a family and I like that a lot. 
  • My son loved his DC soccer camp, of course, again this year!! This makes 6 years in a row.
  • I love your attitude with the kids and I really appreciate your messages to them about healthy eating and sleeping.
  • My son loved soccer camp. Thanks, as always, for the work you do to bring the life skills and fun into camp.
  • Year after year, you are always at the top of our list!
  • When we left on the last day one of the first things my son said was “I want to come back next year”.
  • This is the ONLY camp my son wanted to do this summer.
  • You guys run a phenomenal camp. The soccer instruction is tremendous…..but the pool and cafeteria were huge hits as well. My son absolutely loved it. Thanks you so much for the outstanding leadership in developing these young boys. Great job!!!!
  • 7th consecutive year of his favorite camp!
  • He is loving it so much and is already talking about coming back next year it's been so great! I am really impressed with all I have heard about the program and am glad he's been able to participate and really just wanted to thank you all for all you do and for looking out for the kiddos. He's learned a lot and I know he will be back.
  • The camp was a great first experience for an overnight camp. Our son loved it and wants to return next summer.
  • Thanks so much for a wonderful camp this week. My son had a great experience. He enjoyed the coaches specifically.
  • I had a great time attending the Davidson ID camp. I greatly appreciated the atmosphere you created, in particular having so many members of the Wildcats integrated throughout our time together. It was an incredible experience to play on the alumni stadium field at night - something I will not forget.
    The director did a great job setting the standard and creating a positive environment. And my coach did a fantastic job letting me know what I had to work on and improve - and even taking the steps to walk me through what I should be doing to improve my game. 
  • It was helpful to learn in your seminar the attributes you look for in various positions. I completely buy into your growth mindset and am impressed by your program's emphasis on building both better players and human beings.
  • Once again I have enjoyed your ID camp and that’s why I came back for my fourth time!
  • I enjoyed the camp and the feedback I was given both on the field and in my evaluation.  I’ve been coming to camp at Davidson for what seems like forever, so it’s always one of my favorite weeks of the year.
  • I’m writing today not as the parent of an aspiring Wildcat, but as someone who deeply appreciates the positive impact that you and your colleagues have had on our son over the years, regardless of where he ends up going to college.  It is abundantly clear that you and your staff approach your roles as coach-educators with the same combination of hard work and intentionality that you are striving to encourage in the boys themselves — and your collective commitment to excellence is the best possible model for them as players and as young men.  As a group, you’re clearly walking the walk in term of being guided by a growth mindset, and the example that you set for the boys each summer is wonderful to witness.   It’s hard to believe that this was his seventh consecutive summer at Davidson.   Thanks again to you and your colleagues for creating an environment where friendship, hard work, integrity, and love of soccer rule the day — and for inspiring your campers to apply all that they have learned from you all year long, on and off the pitch.
  • Of the camps that I have attended, this one was by far, the best.  I learned a lot and enjoyed being with the Davidson team members, coaches and other campers.
  • My son was lacking quite a bit in his foot skills, but thanks to your camp, he is now keeping up with most of the boys on his team! You guys ignited a passion in him to practice more & strive to do his best every day. We really can't thank you enough for all that you guys have done!
  • I wanted my son to experience a different type of soccer camp, have fun and see the great competition. At your Senior ID Camp, he had a lot of fun and really enjoyed this camp. His coach provided him with great feedback, which my son posted on his shelf and set goals for himself on the things he wanted to improve about his game.

  • My son had a super, super good time this week! He's already looking forward to the Elite Camp!!
  • My son had a great time at camp!  He's looking forward to doing it again next year.
  • My son loved his DC soccer camp, of course, again this year!! I think this makes 6 years in a row.
  • I love your attitude with the kids and I really appreciate your messages to them about healthy eating and sleeping.
  • My son loved soccer camp. Thanks, as always, for the work you do to bring the life skills and fun into camp.
  • Thanks for taking care of them the past few days and putting on a great camp!
  • Thank you for such a great Junior Advanced camp. My son absolutely loves your camps and is looking forward to the next one at the end of July. Year after year, you are always at the top of our list!
  • I've grown up attending your camps since the 5th grade and watching Davidson's games even before then. The coaching staff has been excellent year in and year out. I find their coaching tips extremely helpful and implemented them in my club and school seasons last year.  Davidson Soccer has had a significant influence on my development as a player thus far.
  • My son really enjoyed the soccer camp and feels like he learned a lot.  As a Freshman, he called it a good "wake up call" , to what is expected  to play at the college level. The sessions were fast and intense, but he loved it.
  • I had an awesome time at Davidson's summer ID camp! I had a great time playing in all the games and sessions. I really loved the campus, it is very beautiful and felt warm and welcoming.
  • My son said he had a really great time and said he definitely wants to come back next summer for the overnight camp and any other camps you do going forward.
  • When we left on the last day one of the first things my son said was “I want to come back next year”.
  • Another great camp for my son!!! Thank you for all that you all do to help grow and develop the next group of outstanding soccer players. Your commitment means a lot.
  • Thank you for what was a fantastic experience, he had an amazing time.
  • He came back raving about his experience and what he learned. He really appreciated the other players he met.
  • You can be sure he will be there again next year.

  • Thank you for this wonderful camp. It is very clear that you love the game and the kids.
  • You gave the boys some great advice that they can surely take with them.  My sons both enjoyed their camps this summer and came home every day with new passion around soccer and life in general.
  • He had a great time with his coach & team and said this camp made soccer fun again – which I think is the point. Thanks for all you and your staff do to teach and coach while keeping the game fun!
  • Thanks for the great experience. My kid thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Camp this week was awesome!! Ryan loved his first overnight camp and can’t wait to go back.
  • Thank you so much for all you do! This was my son's first time at Davidson soccer camp. He had a great time, made some new friends, and learned a lot.He is excited to return next year as a rising 9th grader! It was evident, as I witnessed the games on last Wednesday, that your staff and coaches worked diligently with the boys and shared some great soccer and life skills. I was impressed!
  • Thanks again for everything you and your staff/team does for our area's young soccer players.  He enjoyed himself and while recognizing that he was surrounded by a group of more experienced players, he recognized that it gave him exposure to what is possible as he starts to narrow in on soccer as his sport of choice. 
  • I appreciate everything you and your staff did for the kids at the Junior Advanced camp. He had a great time and really came back inspired - as much about Davidson College as he is with playing soccer.
  • Our daughter had an AMAZING time at Davidson!
  • Despite being the youngest, he loved the intensity and pace of the camp and he also had a blast! 

    Luckily, we found a camp he loves and we hope to send him to this camp for several years to come.

  • My son said it was really well run and the kids attending were a level above the camps he has been to in the past, which helps push the younger ones to be better.
  • My son has had a great time this week - I am sure we will be back next year!
  • I attended your College Senior ID camp and it was a very memorable experience. I loved the exposure that I gained playing against the college players and with players around the US. The intense and enjoyable camp helped me grow as a player and helped me learn about the college recruiting process.
  • Many thanks to you, your coaches, and players.  My son attended your camp for the second year in a row and had a great time.  He is always impressed with the coaches and the team. 

    As a parent I appreciate your emphasis on academics and responsibility to team members.

  • My grandson enjoyed this camp more than any other he has attended.
  • As I reflect on my recent experience, I realize the special environment that Davidson soccer has. I have attended other ID camps, and most of these were almost "processed" for a lack of a better word. The camp this weekend made me feel like a wanted player, and even helped boost my confidence. I have never had an experience like this anywhere else. I felt like an appreciated person and player rather than a potential scout. It was a very welcoming environment. I came a long way from California, and I was treated so well by all those around me. After this weekend Davidson has become my number 1.
  • It was his third year, and he loved it. He loves the challenge of playing with some really talented kids, and feels like he gains a lot working with the quality coaching staff.
  • I very much enjoyed the camp. I was really impressed with the sports and academic facilities, but most importantly the friendliness and positive atmosphere at Davidson.
  • My son attended seven different soccer camps this summer and he felt that yours was the best!!!
  • She had a blast at camp again this year. Thanks for all you do!
  • THANKS to a great women's soccer camp this week my daughter loved it, looking forward to 2016!
  • My girls loved coach Maggie. She has a real gift for connecting with young girls. Please tell her the kids think she is wonderful.
  • I just wanted to say again THANK YOU!  My son had a fantastic week and will be back, for sure, next year.  He wants to spend the night next time.
  • Hi! I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful soccer camp.  I was super impressed with the organization, instruction and the staff.  My child had the best experience ever.His favorite part of camp was "barefoot" soccer.  Of course the first thing he said when I picked him up was "Can I please come back here next year!"
  • Our son had a great time and loved his days at the college and on the pitch.  Thank you so much.
  • My daughter Alexis had a great time with your camp, and is excited about next year already.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for organizing such an amazing soccer camp this past week.  Our son had a great time having fun, but also learned more about the fundamentals of soccer.  We appreciate your approach with the "word of the day" and teaching the children great sportsmanship as well.  He came away a better player and with important tools to take with him in life.  We look forward to next summer!
  • Our sons enjoyed your camp and had great things to say about your coaching staff.  I know both will be attending again next year.
  • I was really impressed by the attention to detail you and your coaching staff put into each and every practice session. In comparison to other camps I have attended, this camp was very organized on and off the field. Each session (and each day) was centered on a specific theme, starting from the small-sided 1v1s to 4v4s, to the passing drills focused on accuracy and precision, and finally the explanation of the Davidson 4-4-2.
  • The field at Alumni Soccer Stadium was probably the best field I have ever played on, and the dorms were great as well.
  • The coaching staff was always helpful and very friendly, and the college players also made me and the other campers a part of the Davidson community.
  • The whole team gave off a really close-knit atmosphere, from the players to the coaches to the athletic trainer.
  • Our twin boys did the camp for the first time this year.  They had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks for the good experience, we'll be back next year.
  • Thanks for another great summer!! Both of my boys had a blast!!
  • Very nice work this week and very much appreciation for the staff. We will be looking forward to future programs and events at Davidson.
  • He had a great time at the camp.  It was his first overnight camp and he really enjoyed it.
  • Always a good experience. Thank you for all you do!
  • My son, Blake, has attended this camp the last 3 years in a row. Every year he comes home exclaiming how much fun he had. This year his only complaint was that the time went by too quick because he was having such a great time.
    Thank you for providing these boys with a safe environment to grow as young men and as soccer players.
  • He had so much fun and will be back.  He said it is the "best camp ever" and "best pool"!!
  • You and your team were amazing--yet again! My girls had a ball!
  • Fabulous Camp - My daughter loved the entire experience and we hope to see you again next year.
  • Our son really enjoyed camp.  This was his first time overnight at a soccer camp and he is already asking us about next year.  Thank you for providing a great soccer atmosphere for him.  And, although he is only 11, he has also been asking about attending Davidson College and playing for their soccer team - so you all really did make an impact on him!
  • Our boys had a great experience and will be back next year.
  • My son had a good time at your camp.  Seems that it struck the right balance between drilling and having fun.  He specifically mentioned how fun the barefoot four vs. four was.  
    He just got back from another camp where that was not the case.  Davidson didn't feel like a factory.  Was out to dinner last night with two other couples who sent their kids to other camps at Davidson and all mentioned the same thing - personal touch.  
    The kids mentioned how nice the coaches were.  Thanks again for a great experience.  Good luck this season.
  • My daughter very much enjoyed your camp.  She has been to a few others and confirmed that she learned more from your camp than any other.  She told me the format was great and it was the right number of days.  When she got home she had the information she was looking for about D1 school programs vs D2 school programs and as a bonus learned some tips that have improved her game.
    Thank you for running such a well-organized camp.  
  • As a rising 10th grader, this was his first experience with a high school I.D. Camp (though he has been an Alabama ODP player for the past three years).  In short, he had a first-rate experience.  This gave him tremendous confidence, and he left your camp hungry to get better and committed to working even harder to improve.  Aside from the great soccer instruction he received, he had fun, and that should never be forgotten even in the competitive soccer world.
    From the parent's perspective, I thought the camp was exceedingly well-organized and run, and that the level of instruction was consistently high.
    I appreciate the enthusiasm and positive interaction that my child had with Davidson players.  It was wonderful for him to have these role models.
    As both a parent and a Davidson alumnus ('89), I appreciated the professionalism and high quality of the Davidson Soccer Camp and I would recommend it to other parents and players without reservation. 
  • Thanks very much for everything. My daughter truly enjoyed the challenge.
  • The camp was great! This was my daughter's first college camp, she enjoyed the entire experience. She will see you next summer. 
  • Thank you so much for a fantastic few days of soccer.  Everything from the campus to the training sessions were great.  Coach was incredibly helpful, and I really felt that I learned new aspects of the game which I can implement into my club and school matches.
  • Thanks for providing a great experience.  I asked him, "how was the camp?"  his response was short, sweet and only seven words.  "I want to go back next year".   For the record he did continue to tell me all about it with great excitement. 
  • I wanted to thank you for running such a good camp last week.  I really enjoyed it and got a lot of constructive coaching which you don't always get at a 3-day ID camp.
  • Thanks so much for a great camp! It was so well organized and I loved the way the coaches interacted with the kids.
  • I just wanted to thank you and your staff once again for taking such good care of my daughter. It means a lot to a parent to have someone with your child who is compassionate and caring and you guys definitely were.
  • Awesome camp! She is already planning for next year.
  • I would like to thank you, the coaches, and staff for taking care of my daughter, when she did not feel good. She had a great time.
  • He had a great day and can't stop talking about it. Already looking forward to next year!
  • It was our first experience with the Davidson Soccer camp and needless to say not our last. My granddaughter loves the sport and I convinced her parents to send her to the camp this year. It was a wonderful experience for her and I truly thank all of you for your time, talent and patience with the girls. 
  • Our son had a great time at camp this week! It was good for him to experience new coaches and new players.
  • Our son had a great experience at the overnight junior advanced camp and definitely wants to return next year. Thanks for creating such a high quality camp experience for everyone.
  • I wanted to thank you again for putting on such a great soccer camp. Both Holt and his friend Walker had the best time, and are already talking about returning next year for it. I also wanted to let you know how highly they both thought of their coach.
  • Thank you for another great boys soccer camp. Henry had a great time with his friends and really enjoyed the soccer and the coaches.
  • Thanks so much for a great camp! It was so well organized and I loved the way the coaches interacted with the kids.
  • I would like to thank you, the coaches, and staff for taking care of my daughter when she did not feel good. Marissa had a great time. She is hopeful that she will be returning next year!
  • Thanks for an awesome camp. Jack absolutely loves your camp every year, and loves coming out to watch you guys in the fall.
  • You guys did an amazing job running the camp!! This was her 3rd year and she LOVED it!! It was the perfect balance of fun and skill training. She is already talking about the sleepover camp for next year. Thank you for all your time, kindness and leadership you gave the kids.
  • You guys are the best!!! My kids loved it. Thanks for all you do. 
  • Thanks again for a great week of camp! My girls really enjoyed it, and they can't wait to be a ball girl for the team this Fall.
  • Thank you for another excellent camp. We send our son to two sessions each summer and they really are the highlight of his summer.
  • My son just finished up camp and enjoyed it very much again this year. As a parent, I would like to thank you for giving sound advice to the boys on training, nutrition and future planning. Not all coaches are as in tune with proper guidelines for example, encouraging kids who have yet to go through puberty to start lifting heavy weights. My son has attended your camp for 3 years and each time has been impressed with you and your coaching.
  • I want to add my thanks to you as well for taking a look at my daughter and working with her personally. She was very impressed with the high level of training and play at the camp.
  • Thank you for a well-organized camp that gave the boys a good sense of what being a college player would be like. 
  • My son enjoyed the Davidson camp. He liked it much more than Wake's camp. His comment to me was the other camp was too big and impersonal while the Davidson camp was much more personal.
  • This will be our daughter’s second year at the Jr. Advanced Camp and 4th year at the Davidson camp and she has always had a great time.
  • My son enjoyed himself beyond words. He can't stop talking about how great of an experience it was and his eyes light up every time he tells a story about camp. He said it was really hard work, but that it was also a lot of fun and I could tell from watching him on the last day, he was already a better soccer player. I don't know how you did it in just four days, but keep up the good work. See you in the fall at a home game and we'll definitely be back to camp again next year.
  • Thank you so much for taking care and working with my son. I have yet to see him, but he has already called to tell me what a great time he had and how much he learned.
  • Our son thoroughly enjoyed everything from the barefoot soccer (favorite of all the boys we asked), to the coaches, to the food (especially the late night pizza parties!). It was his first time at that camp and he and all the boys plan to return.
  • Thank you for the care you took of my son. Your camp raised his selves esteem. He just tried out for another travel team and made it! We will continue to send him to soccer camp at Davidson.
  • Thank you for a well-run camp! Our son loved it and offered to help me register him over Christmas so he doesn't miss the overnight component. He embraced many of your words of sports wisdom. He also was trying to look up the Davidson schedule yesterday to see how they might fit into our schedule.
  • My son had a great time while at the camp. I’m hoping to see him use some of the skills he worked on at the camp during this coming season.
  • You are operating a world-class program at Davidson. Really appreciate your attention to detail and attention to your customers (in this case, not only the kids, but the parents footing the bill)!
  • Great camps this summer. My girls loved it.
  • Sarah just arrived home from camp and she had a terrific experience! Sarah said her teammates enjoyed it too and she wants to return next year!
  • Once again, wonderful experience for our daughter.
  • Competence is so nice.... thank you.
  • This is Christine. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to run that soccer camp. It really helped me to become a better player. I hope to see you again next year and become an even better player!
  • Thanks for the special attention checking on our son. He did great and loved every minute he was there!
  • Jessie had a great time at camp - thanks for all you guys do. After four or five years of junior advanced camp, Jess made the transition to senior advanced this summer. She enjoyed it so much. I am always impressed with the caliber of the counselors at camp - extremely supportive, polite and very polished.
  • Thanks so much for all your hard work during the camp. My daughters did the half and the full day camps and I have to tell you how impressed I was with how organized you were and my daughters loved it.
  • TK came home and said he had a great experience at your camp. He wants and plans to go next summer for sure. He has done a lot of camps, ODP regionals, Wofford, Charleston, etc and said yours was the best. I will definitely sign him up next summer. Good luck and we'll be pulling for your team.
  • My daughter participated in the overnight camp...she had a great time and learned a great deal. Thank you.
  • Thank you for a wonderful week -- Luke has had a great time and now wants to go to Davidson for college!
  • Davidson Soccer camp is awesome . Your team made Registering, signing in , Room adjustments and making Jake's Mom comfortable with him staying over - Simply put an awesome experience).
  • My son had a wonderful experience and wants to come back next year!
  • Hope you're well. Max and his teammates had a wonderful time at camp; in fact, Max is at lacrosse camp this week - and he's totally not into it ("It's nothing like Davidson..."). He can't wait for next year.
  • Just a quick note to express our thanks as our daughter really enjoyed camp this year. This was her second year at Davidson Soccer Camp. We even sent out an advanced flyer to her team mates and some attended the camp!
  • I first want to thank you for a fantastic camp you held last week. My daughter Lily participated in it and absolutely loved it. Every day since camp, Lily has been in the backyard practicing all the cool moves she learned. Camp seemed like a well-oiled machine and much fun too. They loved barefoot soccer most!
  • Ezri loved the camp and she will definitely repeat next year. Next year we will consider both weeks!
  • Thanks for a great experience.
  • Hello Coaches! Just a quick note to say Thank You! so much for putting on such a good and enjoyable soccer camp for my 6 year old. My daughter Jessica (and all of her "Mean Machine" teammates for that matter) has had an outstanding time this week. My oldest daughter Blair attended your camp for 7 years, so the tradition continues.
  • My husband and I attended the final games and closing ceremony and we were impressed with the professionalism of the program and pleased by how much our son got out of his experience. - Parent
  • The first thing our son talked about as we walked to the car was what he learned. One sentence after another began with "I learned", and immediately it became clear this camp had been well worth his time and our money.
    I learned...a lot about college soccer
    I learned...what position i prefer to play
    I learned...i need to market myself better
    I learned...i need to eat better/healthier food
    I learned...what to eat, how much, and when 
    I learned...i need to work out more on the soccer field
    I learned...about the Davidson campus and it's a great school - Parent
  • I wanted to let you know that I have heard very positive comments from all 16 kids from our team. Normally someone doesn't like something, but that does not seem to be the case. I appreciate you putting them all on the same floor, making the camp fun for them, and providing great coaches. My wife was highly impressed with the coaches when she came and picked them up. The families definitely have a great opinion of Davidson College and Davidson soccer. - Parent
  • My son was part of a team and had such a great time! I only wish he could have continued for longer than a week. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful experience, and as always having such fantastic coaches for the boys. - Parent
  • This was our first time and it was an AWESOME experience. I was worried the day was going to be too long, but my son couldn't wait to get back the next day. He said that he learned so much and it has made him even more excited to start his Fall season games on his challenge team. The coaches you had running the camp were so courteous and professional, it was great to hear they were such great role models for the boys. - Parent
  • I was nervous about sending my daughter, since she wasn't attending with friends or teammates. But I'm so glad I picked Davidson. Grace came home so happy and enthusiastic about the camp. She enjoyed the coached sessions, loved her coaches, had a great time staying in the dorms and eating in the dining hall, and made lots of new friends who share the love of playing. Finally, most importantly, your women's team as a coaching staff was fabulous. What great role models. She came home saying they had the best counselors ever. She's already planning to come back and to bring a teammate or two next year. - Parent
  • I cannot emphasize how important this camp has been for our team. Each year, we have leveraged the learning and the team bonding that occur at your camp, and it seems to launch us to greater and greater heights. - Parent
  • My son in the car and said "Ok, I've just got to ask you a question before we talk about anything else. CAN I GO BACK TO DAVIDSON SOCCER CAMP NEXT YEAR?!?!?". He recently went to a different residential camp and he said the Davidson camp just blew that one away. When I asked why, he said that it was a.) fun, b.) hard and c.) he learned a lot. Wow, what a combination. And the player evaluation is great too. Our son is the type of player that wants the feedback and now it allows him to target certain areas of his game. You and your staff should be commended for producing such a positive atmosphere for these young boys who love the game so much. - Parent
  • Thanks for a great camp – My daughter had a terrific time, as always. She's already saying she wants to play for Davidson someday! - Parent
  • Thanks again, we will coming to some games this season, and both of my sons will be attending camp next summer! - Parent
  • My two kids were as thrilled as they could be with the experience when I picked them up today. Not sure if this is our 4th or 5th year but it has been a hit every time. - Parent
  • Thanks again for having such a wonderful soccer camp! The boys enjoyed it SO much and learned a great deal, as well. We think you guys are the greatest! - Parent
  • Our son is having a great time. He said next year he wants to go for three weeks. We will definitely schedule our vacation around the camp dates next year. - Parent
  • Thank you for all of your time and hard work this week at the Davidson Soccer Camp. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time and all that she learned from you this week. Again, thanks for your time and commitment to the next generation of players. - Parent
  • Thanks for the time and energy you obviously put in to making it run so smoothly. We'll be back! - Parent
  • My 7 year old just completed a 1/2 day soccer camp, and he liked it so much we signed up for another in July. - Parent
  • My 6 year old son is attending the ½ day camp. This is his first experience playing soccer and he is having an awesome time. - Parent
  • The kids are having a ton of fun, too! My son doesn't want it to end! Thanks! - Parent
  • Our daughter had a great time. It was her first time attending and she said she would definitely want to do it again. - Parent
  • Our daughter’s coaches were both so wonderful. They both took the time to talk with me and let me know how Reagan was doing at camp. And she is also THRILLED that they selected her for the "Coaches Award". I don't think she will be taking her new red shirt off anytime soon! They made her experience extra special and for that we will forever be grateful. She is excited about going back next year. Thank you!! Parent Kate is loving the camps. Thank you for making them so enjoyable for her. - Parent
  • Tanner had a great experience at camp! Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work I know it must take to pull off such a great week! - Parent
  • Thanks again for a great week of soccer. Once again everyone there was awesome! Our son had a great time and was so excited to receive the award from his coach. We are already looking forward to your upcoming season and next year’s camp. - Parent
  • Joel had a GREAT experience! He asked several times if he could do "another week”. - Parent
  • One of my players also attended advanced camps at UNC and Clemson. He thought your camp was by far the best. He said it is was equally as intense, but with much more "personal feeling". I guess that is his way of saying he felt more at home at the Davidson camp. - Club Coach 
  • Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your Senior Advanced Camp. I learned more about the tactical, physical, and mental sides of soccer. I am already trying to incorporate these ideas as my club season rapidly approaches. This camp was fundamental in aiding me to develop more as a player. - Senior Advanced Camper 
  • I just wanted to let you know that my son has had a blast this week and has already asked if he can go again next summer. We look forward to seeing the games this afternoon and thank you for such an organized, fun and professional experience!!! - Parent 
  • My son is still talking about it and is begging to go again. He learned much and has been showing me some new skills. All in all, we are very pleased with the time spent at Davidson and the mentoring he received. Please pass my thanks to his coach as well. He is a fine young man and he represented your school and team in the utmost fashion. - Parent 
  • Once again, the experience was a highlight of the year for my daughter. As my wife said at the end of camp, our daughter would love to be at Davidson Soccer Camp every day during the summer! Again, thanks for your commitment to the next generation of players.
  • I recently attended your Senior Advanced Player and Team Camp. I wanted to just let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I attended with my high school team and I also play on a highly ranked club team. From this camp, it felt like a true club experience or a more professional camp. I also enjoyed viewing the campus and liked the school overall. Thank you for giving me this College soccer experience because it has given me much more interest in playing when I go to college.
  • Our son had a fabulous time at the camp in Davidson. He knew no one going in, yet never felt that he didn't belong. We felt the camp was well run, superbly staffed, and something that we would like to do again next year. Our team manager is interested in a whole team camp.
  • I just wanted to take the time to thank you for really helping me while I was there. Part of the reason I enjoyed my time at Davidson was that you really took the time to try to learn my strengths and weaknesses, and help me accordingly. You didn't get frustrated with me when I was playing a position I was unfamiliar with, and when I was playing my normal position, you gave me plenty of tips to improve there.
  • ALL of you were AWESOME and our daughter had a blast! She has already said to me, "Mom, sign me up for EVERYTHING next year!" Thanks for such a positive experience for our child!
  • I would like to thank you for providing such a good experience at your camp. I have been to a few camps in my time and this one has by far provided the best atmosphere within a competitive environment, and I didn't feel lost in the crowd.
  • My son has absolutely loved his week at camp. We have been very happy with what he has learned and the experience he has had. He can't wait until the soccer season begins and for the over night camp session next year. Thank you!!
  • I really enjoyed my time playing at the Davidson Soccer camp last week. It was definitely one of the best camps I have every been to, and I learned a lot playing with and against great players from all over the nation.
  • Thank you very much for the great experience at soccer camp. It was a great experience for me to play soccer at a higher level. The coaches were able to teach me a lot about soccer at a college level and gave me insight into what it is like to be a college athlete. I was very impressed with the professionalism and quality of the Davidson soccer program - you have a great program. Again thanks for this great opportunity to improve my skills and become a better soccer player.
  • Thank you for a great soccer camp for the Advanced Senior Boys. Our son enjoyed every minute, and the comments from many of the other parents that we heard were very favorable to the camp - living quarters, food and soccer fields, as well as the assistant coaches.
  • I appreciate all you and your staff are doing. My boys are having a great time. - Parent 
  • I was impressed with the players that were there as well as the way it was ran! I had a really good time and am extremely interested in Davidson Soccer. - Rising High School Senior Recruit 
  • My son Corey (U12) had a wonderful time at the Davidson Soccer camp. He just finished his week at the camp and had positive things to say every day. We are new to the area and this was our first experience with Davidson and we were very pleased. He has already told us he wants to go back next year. Thank you for running a great camp. - Parent 
  • I just wanted to send you a note to tell you what a great time my son had this past week at camp. The only disappointment for him was that he came as a commuter kid and didn't get to stay overnight. He's already talking about next year and how he's definitely planning to stay next year. This was his third year coming to Davidson soccer camps (the day camp the previous two years) and he's consistently had a great time, learned a bunch and comes out charged up for the soccer year ahead. Thanks! - Parent 
  • My daughter attended your camp last week for the first time. She loved it! Every night she came home with a number of stories, and every morning she woke up anxious to get right to camp. She will definitely come back next year. Thanks for delivering such a good program.
  • Thanks, all three the kids really enjoyed your camp! We will all be out to cheer on the Wildcats - both the Men's and Women's soccer team this fall and know it will be VERY exciting!
  • Thanks for everything that you do and the difference it makes in these young kids and young adult's lives.
  • This camp gave our girls' high school team an excellent opportunity to enjoy each other's company on and off the field. I know they experienced togetherness and bonding during our trip. I also feel that they learned new soccer strategy and technique.
  • Stephanie had a great time and learned a lot. It is such a good experience for a young girl her age to have the dorm experience. She came home happy about the whole week. She said you mentioned that she might want to attend the advanced high school camp next year. We think that would be great!
  • I want to compliment you and your staff for yet another great training camp. My son's counselor Paul (a member of the Davidson College team) had a great rapport with the kids, was very positive, encouraging, and very clear when directing their play. My son definitely improved and can't wait until next year!
  • This being our third year at camp, I would like to complement you on how well I felt the camp provides quality instruction and competitive play. There were seven girls from my U-12 team, and my daughter for one came back from the camp with one of the best soccer attitudes I have ever seen! Thank you for a wonderful week and we look forward to returning next year.
  • Thank you very much for accommodating my request to have my soccer team grouped together during day camp this week. They had a great time! As always, your camp was nicely run and provides instruction in a fun format. It is rare to have counselors who are gifted both at the game of soccer and at teaching. Not only were they both fun, but both of these women were educators and leaders who were excellent role models for our young girls. 
  • Steph had a wonderful time at camp, and I can tell she learned many new skills on the soccer field. We appreciate you letting her be there with the older girls. The seven girls together from her team had a great experience. Her evaluation from her counselor was very helpful.
  • I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully organized your soccer training camp was and that I had a splendid time attending it. I thoroughly enjoyed the level of play, and was excited to meet the challenge of playing with and against so many great players. The coaching staff was also exceptional; I felt that with the wide variety of college coaches I was able to receive not only different perspectives of how the game is played, but also how complex it can be.
  • My daughter has attended Davidson Soccer Camp for many years, but this was her first year at the Advanced High School camp. It was definitely at a higher level of play, which she needed, and she had a great experience both on the soccer field and in the dorms! We love Coach Kevin Hundley and are especially grateful for all of his support to her.
  • Just wanted to email you and let you know how much going to camp this summer helped our high school girls team! We really had a breakout year - won the league for the first time in the school's history, went 12-5 (with 12 shutouts), but most importantly I saw so much improvement in our team play, attitude, and team chemistry. Going to camp really helped the girls see the next level which made an immediate impact on our season...plus the bonding helped too!
  • I had a blast and thought the staff was amazing and the camp was very well run. I learned a lot in those four days that I can bring home to my team, and the camp has really motivated me to train a little more and put in the extra effort to elevate my game to the next level.

2020 Camp Dates


  • Day Camp - June 15-19, 2020
  • Junior Advanced Camp - July 6-9, 2020
  • Senior ID Camp - July 17-19, 2020



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